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Introducing HOMEBAGS. Produced from the latest innovations in the plastics industry, HOMEBAGS means versatile and durable packaging for home use and the ideal solution to all your daily needs.

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HOMEBAGS is entirely made in Greece and applies the strictest sustainability and eco-friendly practices. 100% recyclable with no detriment to the environment from additional contaminants. Manufactured with the latest technologies in the field, HOMEBAGS is able to meet every household need, using the least amount of plastic.

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HOMEBAGS for your food items,
is an essential ally in modern day living.

Free-up space,
keep it clean with HOMEBAGS!

Protecting the environment

Home care made easy...

Plastic Packaging
Home Use

HOMEBAGS are designed to make your home life a lot easier, without the environmental ‘guilt’. Worth mentioning is that plastics are the least energy-intensive materials to produce, lighter and cleaner compared to other packaging materials (paper, metal).

We endorse and champion responsible practices that improve both our daily lives and the world. Behind our inspiration for HOMEBAGS lies the family institution. We believe that the family unit shapes the next generation and future for all of us. We have a moral obligation and are committed to innovative sustainable packaging solutions for a zero-waste environment!

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